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  1. is an official distributor of softap permanent cosmetics.

  2. Softap colors are for professional use only, which means they must be applied by people trained in the their application.

  3., Pb Tech Corp. And SofTap® Co. Cannot anticipate all the conditions under which SofTap® products are used and how the procedures are performed. All technicians are independent and, therefore,, Pb Tech Corp, or SofTap® Co. Does not accept responsibility for the results obtained as a result of the application of its products, either alone or in combination with others and regardless of the technique used. Users are advised to make their own determinations about the suitability of each product, a combination of products and / or procedures for their own purposes

  4. This is a tool created in order to facilitate the selection of Softap colors. Taking into account the characteristics of your client such as skin tone, eye color, natural hair color, in combination with the current hair tone you will get a result with several suggestions.

  5. These suggestions have been generated based on the Softap color guide and the experience in the use of colors since 1997. Of course, there are many other uses of colors and many other combinations that you can make, therefore, this is a simple guide for those who are starting the use of these products.

  6. If you are an expert in the use of the Softap colors, and have any suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us, as this will help other professionals have as good results as yours.

  7. Keep in mind that whether you use a machine or a manual device to deposit color on the skin, the more times you pass over the same area, the darker the color becomes and the most similar to the color in the container.

  8. This guide will help you and your client select a color for your client's current circumstances. If, for example, your client changes his or her hair color, it is possible that the perception of the eyebrow color also change, therefore it would be necessary to make adjustments that imply an additional color application which would generate additional cost to your client.

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